Classics: Sonnets From the Portuguese

11 thoughts on “Classics: Sonnets From the Portuguese”

  1. With every word. Every thought. I sense a voice gaining strength and coming to understand who she is…who she is becoming…and liking it. It is beautiful to be part of this growth. Thank you for letting us.

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes their words are so strong within me that it seems a shame not to share, especially when there are those who may never have had the pleasure of encountering these works before. If you have any to contribute yourself, I’d love to have you guest blog!

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  2. I have read this many times, but in the eyes of this group, it became more. It was deeper and went soaring higher in the sky.
    I also enjoy the classics, the ones I know. They are written so beautifully and with such feeling. Please continue. Although newly written prose and poetry have some stunning parts, I often wonder if they began with the writers background in classics.
    I believe that no matter what your subject matter is, your talent of putting words on paper touches people. There are those of us that will always follow and those that will find you and begin to follow. We are reading the beginnings of your books. 🌹

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