Silence, both most loved And most dreaded of all things; Speak up, please, but silently; Give me what I need to hear, I'll rest in quiet.   Tanka poetry is similar to haiku (5-7-5) except that it is longer (5-7-7-7-5). I find being limited syllabically forces my oft too verbose self to focus on which... Continue Reading →

White Christmas

I sat down this afternoon to watch my all time favorite movie: Irving Berlin's White Christmas. I remember writing to the local TV station when I was perhaps 4 to ask them to air it at Christmas and looking at it today I'm struck by how much everything about this movie influenced who I became... Continue Reading →

Struggles of the Stumplife

This is me last night at the C___ M___ Zoo (located on a mountainside) where I went with some friends to enjoy 50 acres of twinkle lights and holiday cheer. Loose fitting beret, Mackintosh tartan scarf, vintage belted wool tweed jacket (because the belt keeps the jacket from falling onto the wheels, because the length... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award: Times Three

As I was pouring through the thousands of emails I've recieved in the last month that were redirected to the social tab of my inbox that I hadn't yet had a chance to read and respond to ~ which I'm sure you will agree is a remarkable number of emails especially for an unemployed, disabled... Continue Reading →

Gwenism #1

Every time I hitch my wagon to a maybe I get kicked in the face by an ass.~First uttered by Me, some time ago, 2008 or 2009 or 2010... somewhere back there I don't recall when this ism first escaped my lips but I can tell you that it comes back to me on occasion... Continue Reading →

Flyin’ Solo

Last weekend I did something I have been afraid to do since becoming an amputee and joining the wheeled warriors of the world: I wheeled my ass into a huge crowd of ablebodied people who were neither expecting to see a person in a wheelchair nor mentally and socially prepared to deal with one. I... Continue Reading →

Ode to My Beard

Oh beard You do not know you're a beard You think you're a face and a normal chin But you're not You're a twatwaffle And the convenient cover Making sure I get what I need Bless your little heart You beard . . . . . . Inspired by Linsey and her brilliant insights into,... Continue Reading →

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