Unexpected Journeys

20 thoughts on “Unexpected Journeys”

  1. Finding friends among the new and renewing with the old.
    I am amazed at you. Not your resiliency or smile, but I read 4 JR Tolkien’s. Tried the others, but didn’t make it through.
    Thank you once more for your writings and the beauty within. 🌹

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    1. Haha! He’s not the easiest read, I admit, and I think it’s for the same reason much of old Brit Lit is forgotten: the amount of detail and depth is profoundly overwhelming at times. As a linguist and professor of literature he was well equipped to completely immerse himself in the style of ancient epics but written at modern lengths. It’s a lot. I plowed through all of his collective Middle Earth works chronologically in about 9 days when I was sick my senior year of college and having the background in and love of Brit Lit that I do was helpful.

      Love you, Joan!

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  2. “It is the unexpected journeys that bring us the greatest pleasure, growth, and joy… if we let them.” : A very enlightening post. Thank you for keeping strong and surrendering to life as it comes to you.

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  3. My daughter,a English Literature student now, loves Tolkien. I, a school drop out at the earliest opportunity (and sometimes hookey earlier than that) could never get through chapter one of The Hobbit without having my inner voice struggling with impossible pronunciations of place names and characters even though I didn’t actually have to speak them anyway. Now I have to pretend I know anything at all about it at all only by Peter Jackson proxy, just to keep up with any discussion about Middle Earth with my daughter!

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  4. Some door close, the others open…
    Thanks for this post; I think you’re amazing and inspirational.
    BTW, I ask myself the same questions and to most of them I don’t have an answer (yet). But, I keep searching. Life’s a quest for a holy grail.

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  5. I consider myself one of those touched and blessed by that presence, so thank you. I am a little surprised that one of my favorite lines from The Lord of the Rings is not included in your piece. It gives me the opportunity to say it and remind you of it’s deep meaning, so I am also a little grateful for it’s absence.

    “Not all those who wander are lost.”

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  6. I too received a degree from the school of hard knocks, and so often find myself looking around wondering what the fuck is going on and how I got here. But I am determined to never stop trying to find meaning and purpose in every experience, good or bad. Your attitude and perspective amaze me, and I am so inspired by your pursuit to remain unbroken and hold on to your spirit despite all the shit you have been through. You remind me to enjoy the journey and appreciate every moment. Thank you. You just get it, and I very much admire that about you.

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  7. I have long ago decided that I have no idea of why I am here. It could be a person I am to meet and say a word or smile at. It may be the child of a child of one of my children that is the reason I am here. I keep hoping and praying that I am doing and heading the right way. It helps keep me honest and my ethics and morals high. I wish I had been given a playbook. Maybe one day I will be shown the why of my life.

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  8. I was sweating through your ‘nerdisms’. I do not understand all of that. I’m more of an Isabel Allende type of gal, “House of Spirits,” “Paula,” “Inez of my Soul”… I’ll stop there. BUT as for the rest, AMEN SISTA! You find the greatest joy in the smallest moments and unexpected growth from these experiences you fell into, God knows we wouldn’t have chosen this journey but it is ours!~K.

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