Measuring Life

19 thoughts on “Measuring Life”

  1. There is wisdom in your words born from a reality that was forged in fires of your own experiences. The beauty here, however, is that we can all feel those words as they relate to the fire of our own life experiences. I look back at pictures of the Wild Wulf and realize I am not the person he saw in his reflection. He couldn’t have know me. Yet I remember him. The sum of those hammerfalls is what we are.

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    1. Sum of those hammer-falls… I like that! Makes me think of Eitri and Brokkr hammering, drawing magic circles, saying magic words, forging Mjölnir… I am in a very literary way at the moment, aren’t I?

      We are the sum of our hammer-falls and the fires in which we are forged. Hmmm… golden thread perhaps? That might become another piece!

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      1. While I was still floating in your Tolkien references and was thinking of the forging of Isildur’s “Bane”, your choice works as well. Your mind eclipses your beauty and that, is no small feat.

        Please take it. I am proud to even be considered a golden thread.

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  2. Years,
    When you were little.
    My littler ones.
    More years,
    And add all those extra years.
    I made the statement to my husband, “Maybe it’s time to grow up”.
    Reply, “Why? You have come thus far in life as you are. Stay as you are and who you are.”
    Best loved words ( almost) in my life.
    Maybe not as poetic or full of pictures, but such sweet memories.

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  3. I’m about to turn 41 and my baby boy is sleeping in the next room.
    No, I don’t feel old, nor did I when we got him. Most of our friends have ‘kids’ who’re either in high school or at a college. No, it does not make me feel bad.
    I wasn’t ready back then. I was having fun. I’m ready now. And I’m having plenty of fun with my son.
    So, all in its time, don’t bother with what people say or think, don’t bother with their expectations or the clock ticking. Just relax and play in by ear. Best things in life happen quite spontaneously.

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    1. How right you are. My boys are around 35 and my “baby” daughter is 23. She was born when I was 40. The boys were around 12. It was a hard adjustment since our “family” was nearly grown. We figured we “forgot” a child! A child is a blessing at anytime of your life. ( although the first 2 years of her life, I wasn’t sure). She is a very special young lady to all of the family. Life sometimes just happens.

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      1. Precisely. So, let’s stop feeling guilty. So what if I’m gonna the the oldest mom at our parent-teacher conferences. Who cares? I certainly don’t. I won’t be really applying for a Modeling Agency.
        I like what you said, a child is a blessing at any time.

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  4. It makes one believe that there is a plan. If we don’t see the bigger picture, sometimes our lives are changed anyway, so that we stay in spot with the plan. We have a choice, but the plan isn’t always what we think it is!

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  5. Somewhere in my 50’s I got scared of age for about 3-4 years. Now I have no problem with age. I hope to make it to 125. I am enjoying my family and my friends, near and far. I was born, I have lived a wonderful life and, as everyone else, I shall one day die. I hope it is an easy time. I pray each day that my husband and I have another good day together. I already know I will outlive him. Each day is precious. More so than any time in my life. When the sun shines, it is brighter now. The snow is silent and beautiful. The flowers are sweeter and an incredible gift from God. Everyday is another from God. I will share my love and help people smile until my last day.

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