Goin’ Through Hell

19 thoughts on “Goin’ Through Hell”

  1. Enchanted or it it enchanting!🧝‍♀️ 💫🌙
    It looks like today was a wonderful writing day. A little of all the bits of you. Very charming. If you ever write a book, I want to be one of the first to read it. I hope the night brings some rest. 🛌

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      1. I bumped into sth the other day and have been keeping it all this time because it reminds me of you. Please please please don’t get offended but the first part (hope not), I just think that it’s/you’re extraordinary.
        ‘The old broken house with the tree growing through it.’

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    1. 1:07 AM

      I’m in a lot of pain and unable to rest for the anxiety of having yet another infection in my amputated leg. Last week we thought I was finally going to get to start prosthetics and now I may have another surgery instead; with another surgery comes the possibility of a shortened amputation.

      Contemplating this old broken down house with the tree going through it…

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      1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s the most weatherworn and gnarled tree that gives the best shade and apples.

        I am taking pain meds, which says a lot because normally I don’t take anything; they’re just not hitting the pain at the moment.

        I’m wondering if this level of hell is for my edification or someone else’s. Eventually this has to stop and I will actually move on… I’d like that to be sooner rather than later though.

        Thank you! ~Gwen

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      2. Now that’s the spirit. (so we’ll delete this edification thing….It sounds like you’re being punished, so NO. Sooner than later, definitely.)
        Now we’re left with a beautiful, though gnarled, tree that gives the best shade and apples.

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