Ballet Junkie and Bionic Dancer

9 thoughts on “Ballet Junkie and Bionic Dancer”

  1. Holy cow, Gwen. How do you write like this? Ok that is a rhetorical question. It’s just how you write. This was just so incredibly engaging. It’s also so genuine in tone and flow. The only word that describes the feeling I got from this (and your others) is endearing.

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  2. Gwen, you just touch my heart! I so wish you were here-we would have a major good time while I gave you private Pilates and Ballet lessons! Ya know, you should you tube some Floor Barre exercises. That would help you keep in shape til you can get your new leg! You WILL dance again. I just KNOW it! 💃💃🏻👯😘😘😘

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  3. I don’t know if you get ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Gwen, I’m not one for it myself but Mrs Bryntin is a fan. Anyway, this year a Paralympian amputee, Jonnie Peacock, is one of the competitors and dances the ballroom routines with a blade.
    Although obviously not professional he manages pretty well. I found a link which appears to have YouTube video so hopefully that’s not blocked like the BBC is for region.

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