Not Even Second

17 thoughts on “Not Even Second”

    1. As always, thank you!!

      For a long time I kept the verse inside because I feel more vulnerable in the writing, just like I kept the tragic bits in a box in the closet in the basement of my mind. But reading your verse has sparked something, and having a spade called a spade did as well.

      I guess it’s time to do both prose and poetry again.

      (I was a poet first. Only recently did the prose in storytelling magic itself into existence.)

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      1. It’s sort of a systemic issue I see repeated over and over ad nauseam and there are some amazing women who were able to fix it in their home and some that were able to find peace outside of the culture. They’re all inspirational to me… They’re my sisters!

        Thank you, thank you! 🙏🏻

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  1. I’ll not say much, as you know I generally (publicly) only have a snarky mode.
    But ‘wow’ seems fairly eloquent.
    The power of your honesty and passion shows, whichever format you choose to write it in.

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      1. I’m not holding off, just struggling to reach into myself and bypass that shell of snark to access the words and appropriate emotional response I need, stirred by the beauty of your writing.

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