Never There

I’ll be There

Was the object

The seemingly perfect

Yin to the yang

And to balance the

I’ll be There

Was the one who was

Always There

Always for every




Always in




Qualities thought

To be reflected

In the Yin

The I’ll be There

But when it was

Always’ time to fight

To struggle

To survive

The perfect

I’ll be There

Turned to

Never There

And whether

By choice

Or whether

By design

Always There

Was always





Because RA hit an incredibly sensitive and tragic nerve that BW couldn’t see in the rest of my work, it seemed like the time to put the tragic into words.

8 thoughts on “Never There

  1. Ah, so true. I have come to believe that this is what has made me so strong. Like hardened steel, my soul went through a hot fire several times. All these people here to help,but one of the fires is that you have to ask. It is and always will be tough. Most people don’t make it. Good luck to you. I believe you will make it to became that hardened steel. Your writing is an excellent fire. Write on.
    All my love. Joan

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