Unexpected Journeys

I remember long ago (before grey hairs were visible in pictures) I had this spectacular plan for my life. I knew what was going to happen by what time and who I was going to be. There weren't questions or doubts about anything on that list and I was absolutely certain of everything. I had... Continue Reading →

Measuring Life

One of the wonderful things about the holidays is the ability to muse with loved ones on the greater things in life as everyone finds themselves with a day or two of rejuvenating respite from the trials of adulting with work and other responsibilities. This week I found myself reveling in what initially I found... Continue Reading →

Goin’ Through Hell

It was 27 weeks ago tonight that I went to bed for the last time with two legs, two feet, and ten toes. I laid in a hospital bed, alone *cough*, contemplating what it would be like for me at the same time the next day. After years of catastrophic blood clotting throughout my body... Continue Reading →


The clock on the wall Stares at me, blank faced, Quietly judging me as The night I waste Not sleeping Tick, tick, tick Like a finger wagging Or the tisk-tisk Of one who is nagging I'm still not sleeping Bells and chimes Tormenting proclamations It's one, it's three, it's five Increasing my frustration As I... Continue Reading →


Is that all I am? Is that all I'm expected to be? A set, a scene A lovely untouched dream? The Stepford Wife, drink in hand Keeping and making the perfect house Dressed up, alluring The perfect spouse An empty shell An empty smile An empty life All I revile Isn't there more Than just... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Honesty

Thanksgiving is upon us. What is it that you have to be thankful for this year? Your health? Your friends and family? Your job and the ability to make ends meet? That all your basic needs are met and you're able to enjoy life without too much worry? Take a step back from your life... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Recipe for Mornings After

“Whip egg whites, expectations, preheat an oven / carefully cultivate delicate friendships with belligerent drunks.” via Recipe for Mornings After — Discover I feel like this was most of my 20s and a portion of my 30s. Okay, maybe it was more than a portion of my 30s. If I'm honest it was a solid 50%... Continue Reading →


How do you Forgive The unforgivable? The betrayal? The lies and broken trust? The hurts purposefully caused? How do you Forgive When everything within Feels poisoned By the acts of another? How do you Go about Forgiving yourself For not seeing it sooner? For choosing to be blind? How do you Move on But without... Continue Reading →

Ballet Junkie and Bionic Dancer

The other night I was digging through closets looking for some snow gear. Keep in mind, dear readers, that in a 3 story home that means a lot of stairs, and with only one leg and no prosthetic that also means a lot of crutching and balancing while digging through racks of hanging and stacks... Continue Reading →

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