Being Seen

I am always amazed when I hear what others think of or see in me because they’re the things I seem utterly incapable of seeing in myself unless they’re pointed out. When these observations are brought to me, invariably I’m either highly flattered at the high praise, amused and delighted by the description, offended at the implications, or incredibly embarrassed because someone was able to see past my sass and unfettered appearance to my very core.

Recently, as I’ve been journeying through recovery and grief, I’ve been given words by friends and strangers about who and what they see. It’s interesting reflecting on these words. None of them said teacher, amputee, caregiver, or anything else related to what I have done in my life, but instead they all spoke to the woman they see in my actions, my words, and my choices as a human being. They spoke of the best, the strongest, and the most alluring parts is me. Not one description felt forced or dishonest, but instead they made me feel humbled, understood, and incredibly loved:




A grace about you


Forward (refreshingly so)





A magnitude of consciousness




Beautiful (inside and out)


Able to persevere



An example to follow

A lioness

Awe inspiring

Straight forward








I am so much more than a missing foot or a job I do well. I’m not diseases or scars, I’m not places, I’m not a role. I’m not defined by my relationships or the things I surround myself with either. I am far more than I realize until I’m reminded of those greater things by those who take the time to look in.

You are much more than you realize as well.

*Words added after initial publication as they are sent.

9 thoughts on “Being Seen

  1. I was “Wonder Woman” today. For some reason I had energy today and boy did I put it to use. I love it when people give me any kind of compliment. Why? It’s not because I think they are right or that I deserve them. It’s to help me make it through those days when I am too tired to do anything at all. Days when the house suffers. When the couch is as far as I can make it. I know who I am and that is not the lazy bum people think. I love and care and try my hardest. As long as we understand who we are at the core, we can love ourselves and others. The outside may be something different that most people with bad eyesight can only see. Keep your sight on who. The ones who care and love you know who you are. Always in my thoughts. 🤗😍

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