Unique Blogger Award

I’m delighted and honored to have received The Unique Blogger Award for my writing from a writer whom I respect and admire, Kim at I Tripped Over a Stone.

Thank you, Kim, for your ever present feedback, encouragement, wisdom, humor, and your incredible ability to help me sort through the jumble to find the truth and to find clarity! Your ability to speak directly to the heart of the matter as well as your ability to *just know* and to speak exactly what I need to hear are an incredible blessing. Many thanks! ~Kit

Years ago, I was a dedicated writer unto myself, writing prose and poetry daily that I never intended to share with the world because I wasn’t brave enough to face the rejection I might receive over the bits of my soul I was putting to paper. I even had a standing Sunday night date with myself to sit at Starbucks, sipping something hot, and writing for 4 or 5 hours. I have a series of children’s books about a girl named Gabby who is so misunderstood and who has always been inspired by the misunderstood children I’ve had the pleasure of teaching; no it’s not published yet, and yes I’m going to get right on that. I went to writing guilds to build my craft, receive feedback, and grow. Writing is my thing and somehow amazing friends always knew it even without having ever read my work or seen me sit down to write.

I’ve always felt that I think more clearly with a pencil in my hand or a keyboard under my fingertips.

When I started this blog, it was on a whim, partially because friends kept telling me I tell stories well and my stories should be shared and partially because I was bored because recovery from trauma has far more down time than up time. I never imagined that in a couple months of writing I would have dedicated readers in 50 countries, would be receiving fanmail, and earning a couple stalkers and devotees (people with an obsessive attraction to amputees) along the way. Although I’m delighted to have been so well received, I’m even more pleased to realize that everyday when I sit down to write I am doing it for me. I am seeing myself more clearly than I have in a lot longer than I care to admit. I’m remembering things about myself I didn’t know I was missing and I’m finding strength, passion, purpose, and sass I’d let slip away while I was busy coping with my trauma.

I feel more like the Essential Gwen I have always been than I have in a long time.

So, per the award, I’m to tell you all three things about myself and include photographs:

My happy place:

Of course my writer’s desk is my happy place when I’m home, but outside of the house…

Any beach, anywhere. As long as there are palm trees, warm water, and I’ll get sand in my bum I’m a happy girl.

Walking in the forest. Tropical, temperate, evergreen, deciduous… as long as there’s more plant than sky and the deep rich smell of earth, I’m in heaven.

My hobbies (outside writing):

Dancing ballet. Here I am in my favorite jumper and leg warmers on an overly hot May day in coastal Georgia, trying to keep my right hip supple and my flexors from locking up before doing two more performances despite having completely dislocated that hip backstage doing a bar split before the first show. Little bit of pain on my face. (Who am I fooling? It was awful… but I danced anyway!)

Enjoying a quiet garden. This garden had the most amazing collection of beautiful yet massive koi fish I have ever enjoyed. Several were as large as my torso! I sat for a long time in silence while the smells of Jasmine and Plumeria wafted in the breeze. Mmmm… I’d like a koi pond with a soft bench or a hammock someday.

Traveling and Exploring. Architecture, art, history, I love it all.

Music. Making it or listening to someone else make it, live whenever possible, and almost any genre or style as long as the composition is stellar.

Where would I rather be right now than where I actually am:

Any beach bar, anywhere warm, as long as there’s sand, sunsets, and sweet tropical drinks. Bonus points for having the perfect traveling companion.

My nominations:

Bryntin at The Bryntin Project because his take on life and the adventures of Barrington always make me chuckle. The dry wit and snark are strong!

Dariann at Starry Nights and Lonesome Plights because even though I have only recently discovered her work, it hits home.

Jen Cosby is another newer to me writer who writes words that have the ability to inspire and strengthen my resolve.

DG at Damn Girl Get Your Shit Together for her unique ability to get to the root of what we didn’t even know we were doing wrong while always leaving me laughing my ass off.

And last but not least, Trish at The Next Mailbox because she always reminds me I can make it just one more mailbox.

5 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

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  1. Good grief.
    I have no idea what this award is, or means, but to be mentioned at all as making anybody reading chuckle, and especially you, is both humbling and gratifying at the same time.
    Barrington has no idea either. About anything.


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