Soundtrack of My Life

4 thoughts on “Soundtrack of My Life”

  1. Calming. Cocooning. Music is my friend today as I read. It’s been a long week, my husband was in the hospital but is ok and home now. The weather is chilly and grey. I feel cozy under my blanket on the couch with music. Any type of music brings my heart up and looks on the good side of life. I have always believed that “a full glass” meant that you looked at people in a good light. Most people are good at heart. Some are even better, but just lose touch with you. I am listening to music that we found a million years ago. It is
    R. Carlos Nakai. There are several just of him and several with other people. Music that soothes the soul. We decided many years ago that you couldn’t drive with it on. Still covered up today. 🤗😍


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