Soft Rebellion and the Lovely Dead

Every autumn I think of a quote, whose origin I have yet to discover, that simply states:

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.

This year more than ever before I think the wisdom of this sentiment rings true in ways I have only just begun to discover. And while I think on the letting go of that which is dead, I am also reminded of another wise sentiment:

When you’ve learned
To endure pain
As silently as the earth,
A soft act of rebellion.

~Pavana Reddy

I feel as though I have somehow begun to live both sentiments simultaneously.

This piece was written and published less than a week after I decided it was time to end my relationship with my very abusive husband.  Yet the words are so powerful that even now, two years later, I could have written them today.  27 October 2019

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