Being Older

One thought on “Being Older”

  1. Good parents and playing outside all day! It lets you see the beauty of life and love. I feel for the children who never walk to school or are outside til late playing hide n seek. Having siblings, I think is always a good start to learning rules,but not always necessary.
    I don’t think many of us actually see the age we are in those mirrors. I look in and see this super cute 18 year old. Ha ha. Well, ok, I ignore the wrinkles. I also ignore anything else that’s different. Ok! I down right lie to myself!
    I don’t see them on my friends. The first photo I saw of your mom recently, the first reaction was that she hasn’t changed at all. Then I had to laugh, because I know how old she is. Ha ha. Love is to know that number and not care.
    Enjoy your movie and popcorn. I think I’ll go read a book in bed. 🌺

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