Snow Day Perfection

11 thoughts on “Snow Day Perfection”

  1. Hot soup. Cup of coffee. Warm blanket and my book. Winter is on the way.
    Memories with my kids; if they went out into the snow, there was grilled cheese (cut catywampus) and tomato soup. Always hot cocoa to drink.
    Angels and making a hill down the porch so they could sled. Snow down backs. Then inside and indoor board games.
    Always good memories. ❄️❄️❄️

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  2. Love that sort too but raised the nostalgic memory of loving the part of a term-time snow day when we gathered hopefully around the radio with our Mum to listen out for the list of schools in the locality that couldn’t open today because the heating had been frozen overnight. Then ours was on it so we all raced upstairs to change out of the uniform and in to whatever we thought was the warmest things we had, ready for a day of snowballing, sledging and snowmen and crossing gloved fingers that it wouldn’t be thawed for at least a week yet.
    Always the beginning of the best sort of snow days, snow and no school!

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