Snow Day Perfection

This morning I awoke to a delightfully icy house, requiring me to turn on the heat and start the fire to take the chill out of the air, while wet and heavy early winter snow was falling steadily on the trees outside my window. Trees that had only touches of autumn yesterday today are now mottled in various shades of greens and yellows. I thought the ground would be too warm for the snow to stick but to my surprise the streets, sidewalk, and still green yards were covered in more than a half an inch of snow.

The snow kept falling for hours.

The dogs were so excited to frolic and wanted me to go play with them but I couldn’t. The best I could do was put on a boot, roll out to the deck, and sit for a few minutes while they charged around the yard and up and down the stairs, throwing their heads around, nibbling snow, and sliding into each other and the fence. In those few minutes, the snow seeped through my clothes and I was as soaked to the bone as they were. We all spent the next few hours as close to the fire as we dared.


I love this weather and the seasons it heralds. I have pumpkins on the porch, ready to carve, and I am ready to put up fall decor. I am anxious for my house to smell of fir, winter berries, and cinnamon and to have a wreath upon the door.

I’m ready for short days and long nights that are perfect for cuddling.

Some friends here threw ice cubes in the toilet last night and did magic dances as they flushed while praying for a snow day, appreciating, as I do, the magic of a day to forget about being an adult for a while.

No work.

No schedules.

No responsibilities.

When we were kids, we all knew how to spend a snow day or any other special weather day (depending on where you grew up). We planned for them and we did all the things we never seemed to find time for on regular days off. We made them magical because we stopped doing all the everyday stuff and just did what we wanted, what was fun, what made us laugh, and what made us smile the kind of smiles where our eyes got all crinkled at the corners.

We slept late, or got out into the snow early. We made snow angels and snowmen. We made snowy forts in drifts and under trees. We played until our fingers were blue and burned in the warmth of the house. When we got too cold we would retreat back inside for cider or cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream, soup or chili, sandwiches, freshly baked cookies. Everything tasted better, smelled sweeter, and felt more magical because we let it be so.

Imagine being an adult and letting yourself have that snow day. No bills, no errands, no working from home, no laundry or honey-do lists, no news, no putzing on social media… no adulting. Not forever, just for one day.

Could you stand it? Letting yourself be free for one day? Just living in the moment? Finding magic again?

I sat by the fire all day enjoying cuddles and listening to Handel.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson kept me company for a while, followed by Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. I wrote. I did what was warm, and relaxing, and lovely.

Even though it never warmed beyond the mid 30s, the sun eventually came out and the snow melted. By tomorrow we will see 60s and more sunshine, but tonight is still the snow day.

And this moment is perfection.

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  1. Hot soup. Cup of coffee. Warm blanket and my book. Winter is on the way.
    Memories with my kids; if they went out into the snow, there was grilled cheese (cut catywampus) and tomato soup. Always hot cocoa to drink.
    Angels and making a hill down the porch so they could sled. Snow down backs. Then inside and indoor board games.
    Always good memories. ❄️❄️❄️

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  2. Love that sort too but raised the nostalgic memory of loving the part of a term-time snow day when we gathered hopefully around the radio with our Mum to listen out for the list of schools in the locality that couldn’t open today because the heating had been frozen overnight. Then ours was on it so we all raced upstairs to change out of the uniform and in to whatever we thought was the warmest things we had, ready for a day of snowballing, sledging and snowmen and crossing gloved fingers that it wouldn’t be thawed for at least a week yet.
    Always the beginning of the best sort of snow days, snow and no school!

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