2 thoughts on “Hammocking”

  1. Although life is not yet golden bliss, I am so glad to hear your spunk and joy coming through.
    I am not ready for tonight. We have a freeze warning down to the low 20’s. My favorite rose will loose 2 blooms, but the 6-7 buds should be fine. So on with the show!
    I still cannot get into a hammock gracefully and sit as if I’ve been doing it for years. The face plant i# more my style. If you can lie in one looking graceful, more power to you. Enjoy the fall and may it be long and sunny! 🤗

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  2. I never thought about the similarity you and I have; you have one leg and a stump, which will never slow you down. Myself having one arm, the other totally useless as I have no range of motion but it never slowed me down much either. Your missing leg is visible right now until you progress to prosthetics and jeans. You may have a limp. Mine, however, will not ever be invisible, but I do my best to hide it. (Shaking hands can never be hidden and that sucks whenever I meet new people.) I carry something always in my right hand so that although its shorter and bent it looks fairly normal with a cell phone or keys in hand or when I wear a coat, it must have pockets. I never could get the balance right in a hammock for years, finally one day in Mexico, on vacation, I did! Triumph! Hammocks are what I was missing in my world. Ha! Pure pleasure! As a teen, our family drove up Pikes Peak. That was a glorious trip. I envy your view, clouds or no. And your hammock! I loved this story. ~Kim

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