Making the Most of It

13 thoughts on “Making the Most of It”

  1. I think my favorite one would be a flaming. Not upside down. I’d get dizzy and crash. Upright in a pink top of some kind, pink tights or sock. Flat shoes or slippers (they are more comfortable). A hat or scarf with a long neck and head on top. Maybe twist some wire with some pink scarves to make the neck and head. A few stitches and buttons for the face. Even put the neck onto a wide hair band.
    Good luck figuring it out. I do like your choices. Good ideas. Sounds like you are doing ok. I hope you are.
    Oh, you could forget about the leg and go as “Harold and the Purple Crayon” or some other childhood book character. I wouldn’t suggest Dr. Seuss right now because he is so politically charged and seems to be racist! Oh my! One fish two fish, Red fish, blue fish………🙄


  2. When I was young and had perhaps stubbed my toe on a door or kicked my sister (again) and similarly injured myself in the process, my parents would often use the phrase ‘Hopalong Cassidy’ to describe my resulting gait. After reading this I remembered that, searched and found he was a real film character which, given my sense of humour must in part have come from my parents, is a bit amazing. Apparently he was a good black hat, which meant he was obviously subverting the cowboy genre but in the good way… Anyway, Wiki link for you…

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  3. OMG You are also a MP and The Holy Grail fan??? My entire sense of humor was birthed in my pubescent years watching The Flying Circus on public TV. So yea, that’s what’s wrong with me if people ever ask. LOL!!!

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