Being Seen

I am always amazed when I hear what others think of or see in me because they're the things I seem utterly incapable of seeing in myself unless they're pointed out. When these observations are brought to me, invariably I'm either highly flattered at the high praise, amused and delighted by the description, offended at … Continue reading Being Seen

Reblog: Phoenix 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when there’s a message you need to hear, you will hear it if you will only listen.

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah


She loved to play with fire not knowing how much it was dwelling in her own heart. For that blaze and fortitude was hidden beneath a lugubrious truth, carried through half her life. Better late than never, she realized the reasons behind constant struggles and perpetual temperament. It sure did take over a decade, but she finally chose to love herself and understand her own self; it was worthless to seek in other people.

Till hell freezes over, she thought, I choose love because I am.

Here is how she likes to tell her story…


She’s walked through many storms in her life, but this one was different. She fell to the ground as shards of glass exploded around her, slicing the skin on her cheek bones. Fear consumed her as the chaos unfolded around her. The life she knew had…

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A Useless Thing I Learned in Catholic School

I went to a catholic school, its true. No plaid skirts, sadly, but crucifixes in every classroom, nuns and priests for professors, special masses throughout the year including graduation mass, starting every class with the Our Father and sometimes the Hail Mary as well, and occasionally praying in Latin. Latin. On the list of almost … Continue reading A Useless Thing I Learned in Catholic School