Beauty in Brokenness

Isn’t it amazing how people, ideas, inspirations, and things come back from your past to you when you least expect them to but somehow always exactly when you need them?

Feeling tired from and somewhat discouraged about a great many things, including the last surgery, this video (which I had not seen before today) appeared in one of my newsfeeds reminding me what being Kintsukuroi is all about:

Finding beauty in brokenness.

Since I’m sharing the one video, I think I ought to also share this song that an old Army veteran with a guitar would come sing to me in the hospital in May because he said it made him think of me when he heard it.

A timely reminder.

A smile on my face and in my heart.

And all things will work together for good.

2 thoughts on “Beauty in Brokenness

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  1. As I am coming to know you as an adult, I see the strong points you have. You may forget about the strong and good points sometimes as you look at your battered body. I see the strong, beautiful women with a huge heart and imagination that will go out of her way for others. So we all got two legs and you just have to be different. You got a lot of “gold” in you. Your socks will last twice as long. There is always a ray of sun behind those grey clouds. Keep flapping your wings. Look at all the people at your back. Sleep well tonight.

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