Here I Go Again

7 thoughts on “Here I Go Again”

  1. Shall we petition WordPress for buttons to press other than ‘Like’ because sometimes it just doesn’t feel appropriate? Perhaps ‘Ooh, that sucks’ 😉
    I hope that you get positive progress from having the op now (and a break from seemingly constant battles), your attitude to it all seems to deserve that at least.

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  2. Ouch. This is my third time writing this. My iPad is having hiccups!
    Species of vampire or surgery. What a choice. You can always try the vampire thing. I’ll knit you some teeth and add a drop of blood. Surgery is always something the docs will do if needed. With this clotting problem, I understand it. Weird blood and body, but it is yours. I love the hat but the “sweater” is lacking in charm. Maybe something in flamingos. Always backing you. Keep flying, flamingo. Aunt Joan


  3. You are a delight! I am sorry for your pain, the surgeries , all of it… but your humor and strengths are wonderously delightful. I just wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t read your posts. You are an inspiration! From all of us in Transylvania…. best wishes! ~Kim and co.

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