Frog in a Well

3 thoughts on “Frog in a Well”

  1. And here all of us out here were cheering and hoping for the best. I guess after a few more tears and throwing of a few mugs to get rid of some stress, yes, the alternative to 2 steps forward and 1 back, isn’t good. When the world seems against us, let us take any ray of sunshine we can get. At least the infection in the bones and blood is still clear. I cry with you and will throw some mugs against the wall in frustration. My prays and thoughts are alway with you. Hang in there. I know you are a strong lady inside. It’s time to buckle down again and say no, my body isn’t going to beat me! Keep flying. Keep fighting. Keep loving.
    Aunt Joan

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  2. Damn it!!! I am so sorry! I was really pulling for you but you are correct, one step forward… it just seems like you have done your time and I really wanted it to be a glorious time of recovery from here on out. You stay strong, or don’t and curse and scream! But you will get through it. Damn… ~Kim.

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