Don’t Stop!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop!”

  1. What an adventure you had today! And a lesson learned… a question I pondered when I was “medically released” from my job, wondering how much that made me doubt myself. In my case, it was for the best, but at the time, it was another blow to my sense of self. Thank you for sharing this man’s message. If you ever seee hime again, let him know it meant the world to me. ~Kim

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  2. Just to let you know, as I learn more about your whole story, I find I am sharing it with more people. You never know when the person who hears you might be that person who needed those words.
    In spite of the idiots out there, such as your principal, you are now flying and running and jumping. Just think of what your own illness could have done for a child who has a silent illness. There is nothing worse than being a child and having an invisible disease. I know. I always felt like I had a brand on my forehead. It took being stubborn and good friends to get me through. You come from stubborn stock. :))
    Go forward and fly.

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