Beauty in Brokenness

Isn't it amazing how people, ideas, inspirations, and things come back from your past to you when you least expect them to but somehow always exactly when you need them? Feeling tired from and somewhat discouraged about a great many things, including the last surgery, this video (which I had not seen before today) appeared... Continue Reading →

Here I Go Again

Today's sweater weather picture is brought to you by... emergency surgery and icy cold pre-op! Also, it's a selfie because Husband didn't want to come. It's fine. I'll do it alone. My hand to God, I was whistling "Hi Ho" on the way out the door. So at least I've got that going for me,... Continue Reading →

Autumn Drive

Today was another beautiful, rainy, sweater weather day and perfect for a drive in the mountains. Fortunately for me, I had an appointment an hour and a half from home, so I was allowed to have my car for the day, and I live at the foot of the Rockies. This is what driving looks... Continue Reading →

Sweater Weather

Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, I distinctly remember the culture shock I experienced when I first moved to the south. It was November when I drove through a blizzard toward my new home 11 years ago and when I drove into Georgia a few days later the palm trees were swaying in the... Continue Reading →

Speed Bumps

One of the more enlightening aspects of being in a wheelchair for any amount of time is handling the lack of situational awareness by a vast portion of the legged populace, as I was reminded yesterday when I narrowly avoided becoming roadkill. What I am saying, though, also applies to anyone with any sort of... Continue Reading →

Frog in a Well

Imagine a little green tree frog fell into a well. Obviously it could survive in the cold, wet, blackness of the well but still the little guy wanted to be in the sunlight and breezes again in its favorite tree. Hop, hop, hop it went, bouncing from one rocky ledge to another and slowly making... Continue Reading →

The End is Near-ish

I know I've mentioned at some point that I have a chest port or, more accurately, a tunneled subclavian PICC line that places a catheter right next to the heart. This thing: This bit of medical equipment has been dangling there since mid-July, getting caught on clothing and blankets, being smooshed into my skin, poking,... Continue Reading →

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