Live Your Best Story

6 thoughts on “Live Your Best Story”

  1. You know how long I have known you and you know that I am only beginning to get to know the adult you. One of the important items that this gentleman didn’t say in words is that there are a million people out there with either untold or poorly told stories. When they are untold, they don’t help others and they can’t help ourselves. I have watched your story unfold for a long time. I too, have a story that I have told many, many times. I feel that every time I tell it again, even if that person forgets it as I am telling it, it helps me. If the other person has a desease that is completely hidden, it helps both of us. Each birthday, I celebrate. We didn’t think I would make it to 50 and I will be 63 this year. Each year I celebrate every day on this earth. I know some day it will end, but I push and push. Just a few words of what mine is about. In my twenties, before my children were born, I ended up in the hospital for about 30 days and 3 operations. All in my gut. Lost 34″ of my small intestine. Makes eating interesting. I have few problems now because I learned over the years how to deal with it, as did my wonderful husband. I love to scream at people when they look at what I eat and say how healthy I must be. I have no choice in the matter. I am the best I can be. I have no gut and you have strange blood that has made you a beautiful flamingo. Your sense of humor, smarts and loving husband will get you through. Fly. Write and tell your complete story. Let me know as you get along. Wonderful old man and wise.


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