War Stories

6 thoughts on “War Stories”

  1. I realized, when reading today’s article, what needed to be done. When you have written these for a year or two, you should think about compiling them into book form, Because it traverses across your two lives including the hurtful parts. I think there are an incredible number of people that would truthfully get an enormous amount of help from it. A good cry for themselves, a realization that that they are not alone in their problems and a realization of what actually happens to people in our world. Whether it is a soldier or someone with a chronic ailment it is always interesting to see another person that is trying to smile and laugh her way through the darkest nights. This is something that you can do as long as you have to be at home, also. This was a very sad, moving and happy article. It was good to hear more about his experience.
    Once again, thank you, flamingo!

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  2. I am from a military family but am still ignorant. I’m willing to learn. I want to remain reading whatever you’d like us civilians to know. I never know if I should thank those I see in uniform, but I do, quickly, trying not to interrupt as they are usually in twos… I listen, I’m one of those filled with “awe” civilians. I hate to admit it but it is the truth. ~Kim

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    1. The awe doesn’t go away in the military community, it’s just covered in snark, “no shit there I was” stories, and whiskey in the backyard by a bonfire. Husband has some pretty badass buddies with jobs that the rest of us think make them the GI Joe American Badasses but who are awed by all that husband has done that they haven’t in their longer careers. I still have the awe after almost 15 years: the stories are awe inspiring (which is why I like to share them)!

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