One of a Kind

I was told today that my medical case is to be used in a paper to propose the identification and definition of a disease previously undefined which symptoms were ignored until the progression of such developed life threatening symptoms required to diagnose the blood disease that resulted ultimately in my decision to have my foot amputated. I always joked that when someone finally discovered what was really at the root of my ongoing troubles that it would be identified as a new disease, saying they would have to name it after me and I would happily eat bonbons as the famous patient who proved a doctor’s hunch. Imagine my surprise in finding that my smartass remark was positively prophetic.

I’m happy to be THAT patient because when this disease is defined and doctors learn how to identify it, others will be spared what I have had to endure. I may have been broken by this disease, and I may have gone through the proverbial fire, but in enduring I am also refined and the dross is burned out.

Life is golden!

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  1. Wow! Soon I will be able to brag to the neighbors that, “My daughter is world famous in the medical community!”
    Hopefully many will be spared the endless progression of misdiagnoses, prescriptions to treat symptoms (and the side effects of other prescriptions), accusations of being a hypochondriac, pain and suffering, etc. that you have been through!
    Cedeno’s Disease or Cedeno’s Syndrome? (the latter has a nice ring to it) 🙂


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