Dying a Thousand Deaths

4 thoughts on “Dying a Thousand Deaths”

  1. I cannot fatham what you have gone through nor have seen. The wieght you carry the lives witnessed and lost, I can only say thank you for serving. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you and a thousand times would never be enough. I was at Brooke Army Medical Center, with my brother who passed away there, he was Army, rank Specialist. He was 37. I was 36. I watched 18 and 19year olds and 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and on and on, litterrally dozens of ‘men’ and ‘women’ who looked like boys and girls come through that hospital in the 7 short weeks I was there. Serving, wounded, and ready to go back! All I could do was listen, and make Burger King runs! That’s all I could do. I miss them, I miss each and every one of those special soldiers. Those 7 weeks are burned into my memories, and it’s hard to say but some of those memories are the best ones I have… I will never be able to understand what you all have seen. ~Kim


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