Live Your Best Story

I have some dear friends who own a tiny-house coffee shop they named Story because they love the idea that everyone has a story worth sharing, from the stories of them pursuing this coffee shop dream, traversing the country in a tiny house with their children, and going to competitions along their way to learn... Continue Reading →

Not Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, don't make lemonade, chuck them back and go sit in the office playing your "new" 130 year old-ish copy of a Stradiuarius... Because making lemonade is a sticky proposition and the internet provides free copies of the most excellent classical scores anyway.

Stay the Course

Yesterday was the three month anniversary of amputation of my lower leg and foot. As I work on recovery I find it ironic that my husband at this point in his recovery from stepping on a 15 lb explosive had a prosthetic and was breaking out of the hospital to get tattooed and eat real... Continue Reading →

War Stories

The other day my husband accompanied me to an appointment with my surgeon about my amputation. The surgeon, who spins a decent yarn himself, asked my husband and I about his amputation story and the PA and nurses gathered around because he has cool injuries and this is an orthopedic office. We caught one another's... Continue Reading →

One of a Kind

I was told today that my medical case is to be used in a paper to propose the identification and definition of a disease previously undefined which symptoms were ignored until the progression of such developed life threatening symptoms required to diagnose the blood disease that resulted ultimately in my decision to have my foot... Continue Reading →

The Kintsukuroi Life ~ Part 3

It was 9:16 in the morning one day in July when my phone rang and a man asked if I had spoken to my husband in the last 24 hours even though he could see on the page in front of him that something had happened only 8 hours earlier that would change everything I... Continue Reading →

The Kintsukuroi Life ~ Part 2

My husband is a man who has more than my love, he has my respect. A child of immigrants growing up in New York and witnessing 9/11 firsthand, he joined the Army in his late twenties. We met after his first deployment, Iraq (OIF ). He was crazy enough to ask me to be his... Continue Reading →

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