Broken, Yet Not

5 thoughts on “Broken, Yet Not”

    1. Deb, I know you’ve been on the journey and have found yourself broken. In the time we worked together, I never found you to be the type of woman to accept pity or to wallow in despair over what life had brought you. You always picked yourself up with grace and humor, moving forward in confidence, and providing an example of Kintsukuroi even before you knew it existed. There is gold in you and it shines brightly! Thank you.


  1. An eloquently written story of how you’ve struggled with a chronic illness so tragic it had to come to a grim choice. I’m so happy and proud you made a decision, although tough, to escape from the extreme pain and struggle on. Invisible illnesses are always questioned, and why we have to take effort along with our pain to be taken seriously is sometimes beyond our control. As the saying goes, “If you’ve never walked in my shoes……”

    Thanks for connecting with my blog and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you. Deb


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